Angle Shooting in Poker

Angle Shooting in Poker

Angle Shooting in Poker, After reading the title you all maybe thinking that it is something related to shooting or any other topic but it’s not related to shooting or any other game, I’m talking about the clever cheat which is used by many people during the poker games.  This is a type of cheating which is used by people all over the world not only this but due to this type of cheating many people take advantage in gaming.  Angle shooting is considered as legal but it is not a good because if you have won the game by using this type of cheap tricks then the spirit of the game will also get damaged.

Angle Shooting in Poker

Angle Shooting in Poker
Angle Shooting in Poker

A very advantageous trick which is used in the casino is hole card in which the player tries to look in the card of dealer hole cards in blackjack and that information which the player see he uses it against him or her. This will give the player a golden chance to win the game because if the player gets to know about the opponent card then he will play the game according to that and every move which the player will be using is totally clever.  One more advantage which the player gets in the game is that of incorrect payouts. Like if you are a beginner then you maybe not knowing about the payouts and the player will do some mistake by using some wrong payouts like 2 or and the real payout is 3 or 2 and all because of this the player to more advantage.

But one thing you should always aware of is that in the poker game you have to be very careful and also when you are reading your cards because your opponent eyes will always be on you. If you are thinking that you are a god of this game and no one can beat you so let me tell if you have this kind of attitude then please change it because you are just a beginner and thinking like this but there you will see that some players are more experienced than you and they have also some games and think that you are just a beginner and thinking like this that you are god of this game then they might be thinking themselves as super god. So if you have this kind of attitude then please change it so that you don’t get cheated by others.

Angle shooting can be also used in poker by an angle shooter like take an example if anyone tries to bluff at the end of hand, and after doing this if announce his hands as a flush even if it does not qualify. And also if the calling player throws away his hands then the angle shooter will use it to claim the pot with his non-flush, the thing which he did will be the most honest error in announcing his hand. Like this, he will keep on cheating with you throughout the game but if you will be totally aware of all these situations then it will become a very easy for you to deal and because of this you will also learn some type of trick.

These are some type of common angle which are used in live poker game.

  • The incomplete call
  • Ambiguous action
  • The fake hand

So above given types of angle shooters are related to live poker but angle shooting can also be done in online poker.

Some angle in online poker websites

Going south


But there you will get to know that angle shooting is really very hard to do in online poker.

So guys play the game but always remain careful so that no one can take advantage of you.

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