A career defining moment for Ronaldo

A career defining moment for Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s star Cristiano Ronaldo led the squad in a 5-3 penalty shootout win against Atletico Madrid to clinch their 11th UEFA Champions League championship.

With one swing of the boot, Ronaldo may finally have his defining moment. It was just a penalty kick, something that he’s done many times before, but this one won Real a European Cup title and became another indelible moment in the history of the world’s preeminent club competition.

Real just needed one successful kick to win the penalty shootout and Ronaldo came to the rescue to give the team its 11th title. It worked out perfectly for the Merengues too, with Ronaldo due up to shoot and he buried his kick.

The Portugese superstar saw the ball stroke the back of the net and ripped his shirt off as he usually does, as his teammates ran to him and the San Siro crowd erupted.

A career defining moment for Ronaldo

It was a 10-second span that will be etched into the history books and will never be forgotten but also for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s legacy is complicated, to say the least. He’s unquestionably one of the greatest football players of all time, but it seems like no matter what he does, it’s not enough.

He can score an upward of 50 goals in a season but many observed this as his act of selfishness and superiority complex to the other players of Real.

He can win the Champions League and he’s done that three times now but his team is criticized for being a step below arch-rivals Barcelona F.C.

He also won the FIFA Ballon d’Or award three times but he’s not as good as Argentinean sensation Lionel Messi.

In the Champions League final, he wasn’t incredible and didn’t deliver as much as he used to and he wasn’t near at his best. Atletico Madrid made him look so miserable to the point that they took away his fast-paced, relentless game and also they limited his spaces and touches at the pitch to execute offense. There were stretches where he was nearly invisible as other Merengues took the spotlight.

However, it didn’t matter that Ronaldo took a back seat for majority of the match. It worked out so well that when real needed to make one penalty kick to earn the victory, he was the man who take it. And he stroked it beautifully and gracefully.

On that point, he finally had his significant moment. He had it on the biggest stage in the club soccer, with the entire crowd at the Italian stadium focused heavily on him and cameras are beaming in the match to the millions of viewers around the world.

He made four steps and a belted shot to the goalkeeper’s left side. It was struck as cleanly            as can be and Ronaldo’s jersey may as well have been off before the ball hit the back of the net.

Ronaldo didn’t play his best match and this was more of a team effort than so many other matches that mostly defined Ronaldo’s excellence. This wasn’t the best game of the football’s all-time best player.

Nothing about his career is clear and straightforward. Maybe that’s how his legacy will be written. As one of the all-time greats, his game didn’t showed his full capability but nevertheless his legacy can’t be disputed.

Ronaldo is knocked down so much and disrespected many times before, no matter how many amazing things he’s done in the past, it’s only right that he finally got his perfect moment at the tail-end of the match.

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