Electronic game

Electronic game is a form of gaming in which the player used to play games by the use of any particular platform like mobile, television, consoles and many other platforms like this. The electronic game has got a huge amount of players from all over the world and behind this type of success there is a key and which is known as the graphics and visuals. The developers of electronic games have introduced graphics in this game like real and the players will be getting a real type experience when they are playing electronic games. The most common version of electronic which is famous now days is video games. There are many other platforms of electronic gaming is present like consoles slot machines and many other also, but the version which is liked by everyone is the video game.

Electronic game

The earliest form of a computer game to achieve any degree of mainstream use was the text base teletype game. This type of game is not displayed on screen instead of that the video was printed on the paper and after completing printing player used to understand that what really is going inside the game and how he have to continue. This was really a very tough to play. The player who used to play the games will get the details printed on a piece of paper and after that, he will get the hard copy of that from the printer. A computer screen got developed because of this reason to make it more comfortable for the player. There are many types of teletype games and they are very much popular. When there was no screen at all then it was their problem and in order to play they have to deal with it there was no other option for them and in this type of platform, there was a huge amount of wastage of papers.

These are some of the examples of teletype gaming:

  • The Oregon Trail (1971) the earliest form of teletype gaming.
  • Trek 73
  • Dungeon

And many other are also there.

Handheld version of Electronic Games

Due to the advancement of technology developers have given a new shape and size to the electronic games. In this version, developers have totally minimized the size of electronic games and players can be able to play games on their hands. They used to carry games with them and after this, they can be able to play games whenever they want. Everyone just liked it because it gives them more comfort. And in handheld games, they can be able to play many varieties of games. In this, they can also use an external storage in order to store games and not only this but the graphics used in this version were fully excellent. Everyone felt comfort in this version of electronic games because this version have its own in-built controls and speaker now they won’t have to connect their video games from television or any other things. They have their consoles and they can use it wherever they want.

Computer Games

Technology keeps on growing and one more version got introduced which was better than other platforms because in this they have given one of the best electronic games that were ever got introduced so much of controls and many more things were added in this version of electronic games. This was not the only things which they have added but also better display and more wide. Now the players can be able to enjoy the games with a large view. Everything of this version of the electronic game was just amazing and very interactive.

Electronic games totally changed the meaning of games and their platforms are so much. Everything is just amazing so what are you waiting for just enjoy the games today itself.

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