Electronic strategy game

Electronic strategy game is a game which is played all over the world, whether if you like to play games online or offline it is available on both the platforms. The games are very much interesting and no one can ever get bored of playing this type of games. Some games need a lot of planning and skills and because of that people used to leave it and start playing other games. In some games, there are skills needed in which you have built buildings in order to protect your village from getting raided by other players and in that many players don’t understand what to do. So for those people who don’t know how to play strategy games here is 6 tricks that will tell you that how to play strategy games.

Electronic strategy game

  • The first thing which you need to know is that what strategies other players are following are or you can also see the strategy of some top players. Every game has a top player so just see what he or she is following. It will be helpful for you and it will also tell you that how to build a good defense so that no one can beat you.
  • The second thing which you need to do is always first design the walls and after that defensive thing like archer tower and many other things which are needed. Building walls outside of your village will slow down your enemy and every attack has a time duration so building walls will minimize that time and you won’t be attacked.
  • Many attackers use some type of air attacks so always keep in mind that if you will use air defense like air bomb and many other things then it will be helpful because the enemies which are in the sky can damage a lot and to protect them always use those bombs. Enemies can’t be able to see those traps because they are hidden and they came only when any enemy came in the range of it.
  • Always use traps like bombs and some other traps they are also very helpful because if you used it then it has the power to damage the enemy and kill it at once. They are very useful and can damage a lot.
  • Most important thing that always keep some troops to protect your base because troops have the power to fight and one bonus which you will be getting is that whenever any attacker uses their troops then they made a target and they will firstly damage that target so in that time your troops can damage opponent troops.
  • Always remember one thing when you are going to attack is that if you are a beginner of any strategy game then never ever attack the base of the opponent which is more powerful than you because some traps are hidden and if you are beginner than your troops don’t have to power to deal with that. So this is the thing which you need to keep in mind whenever you are going to play.
  • Last but not the least is that for any game one thing is required and that is practice if you have a good practice then you can be a really great player and you can also win a lot of matches. So firstly try to do some practice with practice matches and after that go for big attacks it will make your attacks more powerful and you will get to know more about the tips and tricks on how to attack.

                One thing which is most common and every player follows it is that whenever you are playing any game then don’t think that it is so easy otherwise you won’t be able to learn the basics of the game.

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