Poker Table Statistics

Poker Table Statistics, In this modern era, it is very difficult to say that people don’t like to play poker because it has become a trend or we can also say it like people are getting addicted towards this the more they are winning the more they are getting addicted. But do you know anything about the tables and how to use them to your advantage. But there is nothing to worry if you don’t know today in this article I’m going to tell you a lot about the tables and how can you use them to get benefit from that.

So one this which is very important in poker and also regarding the statistics in the table list is that you should always use the number for comparison. If you haven’t understood what does it means than let me tell you this in brief or we can also take an example like if once you have decided the numbers and also the limits in which you did like to play than your next objective is to find out that which table will be satisfactory when you are going to play.

Poker Table Statistics

Here are some of the techniques which will be helpful for you when you are going to learn about the tables are as follows:

Average Pot Size

The pot is an essential thing in poker stats and also you need to know that which the best pot is when you are going to begin and one more thing which is also important is that you need to know the size and this directly implies on the pot odds. And to know the expected value pot odds are very much important not only this but this will bring you to the core of poker.

Here are some of the points which you always have to remember when it comes to pot size.

One thing which you always need to remember is that never ever bluff for small pot odds.

Second thing is that if the pots got bigger do whatever in order to win it.

Always control the size of pots so that other can do mistakes.

Players per Flop

This is the second factor and it is also important because it refers to the numbers of players at the table. Because if there are fewer numbers of players than the probability of winning will increase and if the numbers of players are high at a table than the probability of winning will decrease. So it is very much important to understand this factor. For better understanding let’s take an example if a 10 poker table the number of players are 3 then H/hr. value higher rate than a full table. And also the PPF number will also be high. So understanding player per flop is so very important.

Hands Played Per Hour

Hand played per hour refers to the hands played in last 60 minutes. It is also an essential part of poker and you have to understand it very carefully when you are going to learn about poker table statics. Hands are very much important when you are going to play poker and you should know better about every hand because if you don’t know about them then playing poker is just waste for you so it is also very important in poker.

In last I just wanted to say that poker game is just an amazing game but all you have to do is to get information related to every small thing of this game because a single mistake can affect you very badly and also a single move if you played it cleverly than it can give a lot of profit.

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