Proper ways on how to bet in esports and win the biggest prize

Proper ways on how to bet in esports and win the biggest prize

These days, betting sports is becoming and more popular. This is probably because of the fact that it gives a thrilling gaming experience and most of all huge winnings. On the other hand, not all players are given the chance to win when betting in eSports. Hence, it is important to know the proper ways on how to bet in esports and win the biggest prize.

If you often bet in eSports, you surely want to win all the time. Well, if you are beginner, do not expect that you can win every time you play. You should know first some of the most important tips to be able to make the most out of Malaysia betting in eSports.

Winning at the sports is very challenging. With the standard pricing at -110/-110 on most of the games, you can enjoy more than four percent edge on most of your bets. This is not easy to overcome since most of the bettors struggle in winning more than fifty percent of their own picks. In order to overcome the edge, you should win at nearly fifty-three percent clip. Here is how you can do it.

Proper ways on how to bet in esports and win the biggest prize

Proper ways on how to bet in esports and win the biggest prize
Proper ways on how to bet in esports and win the biggest prize

Line shopping is one of the best ways to gain an edge. This kind of method primarily involves looking for trusted and sharp lines and then finding some other sites that are slow when it comes to updating their lines. This usually happens right in the last hour before the game time. This will surely provide great chance to take the underdog and chase the steam.

Bonus chasing

Keep in mind that the bonuses are shorter in the time supply, yet are still good values to be found. Most of the sportsbooks often offer first time deposit bonus or even reload bonus for the online players who are depositing. When played properly, this can be a goldmine. It is advisable to try and at the same time max out the bonuses while it is still available. Signing up for new book to get bonuses is a great play as well.

Tailing respected capper

There are instances wherein you can find handicapper responsible for selling or giving away picks who have solid record of accomplishment. Some reputable sports gambling sites can offer picks for sale, which you can take advantage of. The ultimate key is to become early, as it can be where the steam often originates.

Be on an exchange or become the bookie

Exchange betting is increasingly becoming popular with the advancements of the internet as well as online books for over the past years. This can allow bettors out there to effectively become a bookie and offer some other bettors odds of a particular outcome. This can still prove to be very profitable even when taking into consideration the house commission.

Getting paid

Always make sure to bet with the most trusted and respected books and do not be afraid to take shots at smaller and upcoming books. You can read up online regarding the book and then find out what other bettors are saying.

Aside from that, you can also try the live chat and then see what the available withdrawal options are.  Maybe, you can kick start with small deposit, withdraw right after few weeks, and then see how they treat you. If you continuously get vague answers as well as endless emails, it is a great move to avoid that certain book.

Bear in mind that initiating cash out most especially during the peak times may be a great idea knowing that the books will perhaps flush with the cards. Aside from that, they will be able to keep the business going. This will give you peace of mind and fun and excitement in the long run.

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