The Return of Video Games

The Return of Video Games are famous throughout the world from the very start. All because everyone wants to do something special in their life and just to complete their wishes they used to play video games some people used to play it just for entertainment. A video game is a device which is used to play games on your television. You have plug and play the game which you wanted to play you can just play after this. So now you may be thinking that how the word video game came. The word video means anything which displays or create an image. But till the 2000’s, it was believed that video means something which creates two or three-dimensional image. Video games are today played by people of every age group they used to play this for their entertainment purpose.

The system which is used to play games are known as platform commonly there are 3 platforms of video games where you can play first is television, the second one is personal computer, third thing which is also good and today it so much popular among the kids is gaming consoles which are hold in hand (handheld). Before the advancement of technology people used to play games on their TV’s and anything of those games was not HD or 3D it just gives a simple view.

The Return of Video Games

The game is played by connecting a small box to TV and after that you have to insert a compact drive inside the box and you are all set for the enjoyment. Till that time, the video games were very simple but after the advancement of technology people now are playing games on their PC, mobiles everywhere. Today they can play games anywhere and anytime. But in an earlier time, we have just a way which I have already mentioned above.  The game is played from a device which is known as joystick today there are many devices like gamepad, touches and many others.

History of Video Games

When there were not so much of people who used to play video games, the first video game got launched in 1947 a cathode ray gaming device which is used to play video games that time. In that game, the objective was to rescue your home base from getting hit by missiles the control was just an analog. From that analog device the user can be able to control the game. Not any gamepad or joystick.

Video games didn’t have so much of popularity among the people till 1970s and 1980s but after the release of the arcade game in 1980 video games got so much popular among the people. It is because that was the very first time when people got to know about joystick and they also get the view of a game on their home computer or personal computer. After this everyone got excited because they were seeing such type of thing for the very first time.

Mostly the game played by people now days are all of high quality and with better graphics but earlier it was not anything people used to get a really very simple view. They were happy with that also but if we get that type of view will we be happy? We will not so happy because today everything is changed today people are playing games on mobile phones and not only this today also gaming is also available and which is very much interesting. Everyone is just curious for games like this even today the games which got into the market have their own TV shows and movies also.

I just wanted to say is that video games are really very amazing and we also need to enjoy them because they not only train us but also enhance our mind if you are playing a game related to math’s then you mind will get sharpen already. So just go and enjoy playing games today.

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