Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

One of the best sport in which a diver has to go inside water and there he have to go very deep inside the water. The game is known as Scuba Diving.  But don’t think that divers can take breathe under the water, the reason why they can be able to breathe is they are totally professional and they have all the equipment’s with them also when they will be in that place of the world where living of human being is not possible. Scuba divers have their own breathing tanks in which compressed air is filled and that tank will help them later to breathe. Scuba Diving is one of the best games ever played because in this diver used to see that part of the world which we can’t see.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

Today this game is played on every level not only professionally, but this game is also for public safety in military, police and many other places. It is because if something gets lost in the water, then only divers took that out. So now you all maybe think that how divers used to move when they are in water so normally divers take help of fins which are attached to their feet and that will help them to move when they will be diving. But if anyone doesn’t want to use fins then they can take help from outside of water. By sled pulled by the others who are outside the water.

One of the most important equipment and which is used to see in the water is dive mask. Not only a dive mask is important but every type of equipment is very much needed because if divers don’t have a proper set of equipment then it may be dangerous for them.  Like other equipment’s dive suit is also very much required when going. But a very must have equipment is buoyancy controller it is required because this will help you to remain in constant position when going deep under the water.  Diving is not something which anyone can learn because it is so very difficult and the person who used to learn they have been treated with a special training by a very experienced and certified coach and that coach tells him that what they need to do.

In this type of sport, they were given training on how to be positive when you are in ocean or sea and also how to deal with emergency hazards. If something happened then also they were trained to be normal because if they got scared then they will lose the control and everything will get damaged.

Physical fitness is very much required when you are thinking to join training institutes for scuba diving.

Origin of this Sport

After getting a lot of popularity to this game in the 20th century two basic system for scuba (self- contained underwater breathing apparatus) has been known.  One was open-circuit scuba in which the player exhaled air got directly vented inside the water. And the second one was closed circuit scuba in which the player the player exhaled air carbon dioxide will be removed and oxygen will be recirculated. These were the two main changes in scuba diving that have been ever made.

So the closed circuit was developed in order to rescue and escape away from danger it is basically for a military man.  Because of stealth advantages and they also produce very few bubbles. So it is basically for military to rescue people from danger. The first closed circuit was designed and built by a diving engineer Henry Fleuss in 1878 while he was working in London.

Open circuit scuba was developed by two people in 1943. In which the compressed air was filled and the diver can regulate the amount of use. And he also exhales air adjacent to the cylinders.

All in all, it is good as professionally and for people safety also.

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