It is very natural in any game or sport that one team wins and the other loses. Of Course any team would like to win instead of defeated by the opposite team. However the team players should be motivated to think beyond winning and losing in games, because sports go far beyond the concept of win and lose. This is the thing that should be taught to specifically the teenagers by both parents and school to learn from sports things like time management for playing sports and doing homework as well and should be trained to think beyond winning and losing.

For the teenagers sports make up their lifelong routines and losing in games develop their stronger characters. The most important things to be done after losing include the following strategies, the teenager must be encouraged and instructed to set his own goals instead of sticking to the scoreboard, his abilities should be appreciated and celebrated to make his confidence maintained. Secondly, no doubt that after losing a positive voice should also be heard around the teenager along with the criticism, and timing is very much important in this regard so that the teenager listens to criticism and reacts positive on the voice as well.


More importantly if something needs to be discussed, should be discussed in the absence of teenager, to let him stay focused on his goals. Let the student do things his own way after the loss because this might be the way he wanted to be through after the loss. All things that happen, happen for a reason. If someone loses then instead of mourning over that one should learn from it in a positive way. Not only the students but parents should also learn a lot from it. At the time of loss the student athlete should focus on these three things; strength, motivation and wisdom.

If talking about the losers of the sports there may be two types of losers one are the good and others are not. Basically there is a term in this regard called sportsmanship which means that a sportsman should not behave in a way he is supposed to be in the game after losing it but in another way. Staying fair in a game is the basic rule taught in sportsmanship. The sportsman should stay focused on the game and should not be involved in cheap gaming techniques or virtues infact he should be doing things in his own way. Sports does not always mean to win, sports are played for keeping bodies healthy and mind entertained, but nowadays sports concept has gone far behind that and now sports are played to win just a winning competition.

Sportsman can either be good losers or bad losers if they are good one they will learn from their failure and if they are bad one they will definitely blame others for losing the game. One should not do sports to let others down by just winning it, infact there should be a harmony between the opposite teams so that they should learn management and good ethics from one another and cooperate while playing games and remain well co-ordinated with each other instead of fighting for the winning position and at the end no relation at all. Sports give a lesson of staying togther and enjoying, not staying alone and fighting. Sports leaders should be choosen after keenly observing the team leading qualities because he is supposed to be the one who will either lead the team to higher success or even worse failure. Also he is the one who is responsible for keeping the unity among the players of his own team as well ss with other teams.

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