World of Sports Doping

World of Sports Doping Today sport has become a trend for everyone across the world and from this sport itself some players got a lot of popularity and fame all over the world. And after getting a lot of success they have to maintain their success and in order to maintain their victory, they do some type of illegal activity which are banned. I don’t understand why people used to do this type of activity if they have other types of options they can even do hard work and for maintaining that success. There are many natural substances present which can help them to remain energetic throughout the game. But they always used to take some type of pills which are today known as illegal. People who use these types of pills can get affected also and many are players are today known just because they used doping and they lost their ambition.

World of Sports Doping

There are some people who use this type of pills and today all because of rules they have been banned from playing for their teams.  The reason why players do this is because they just wanted to enhance their performance anyhow. Doping came from the ancient time in short when the sports got originated then at the same time doping also came. Firstly doping was done in sports like cycling and baseball. In past catching doping was bit difficult but from last few years, it has become so easy. Today there are many dope tests which can be done in order to identify that whether you have done the doping or not. The reason why this type of activity in sports got banned was that it can cause many health related problem and even it can end your life. But it is also referred as cheating in sports. Because if any of the players use any type of pill to enhance their energy then it is just cheating because other players are doing hard work and if you will do like this then it’s bad so all because of this reasons today doping is banned.


The term doping come from the word dop, which is a drink most commonly used in some type of ceremonies. This dop was used in the 18th century in the regions of Southern Africa. Another suggestion says that this word comes from Dutch word doop. But it is not so clear that how this word got derived. There is no perfect evidence for this. Players who used to do this illegal activity are known to be sinners because they are not only damaging them but also there are damaging the spirit of sports. Even because of strict rules and regulation players today also used to do this illegal stuff. I don’t understand that why they are doing just for getting positive results they are doing this. It is just very bad because just to maintain their popularity they are downing the position of their country.


The use of drugs in sports started in ancient the people who got selected for any particular task then he has trained with some special type of session and also given some extra medication for their benefit. But in that, some people started using that type of medicines which are improving their skills and level of performance. And from that time this doping came into effect.

In ancient time this is not known as illegal because they just wanted to get the sports to be very much popular and all because of this in sports they have decided to give them some special type of herbs which will increase their immunity.

The player who used to do this illegal stuff is just damaging the spirit of a sport they are not players they are damagers.

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